Saturn and Pluto and the wars of interests (Part III)

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Saturn and Pluto and the wars of interests (Part III) Empty Saturn and Pluto and the wars of interests (Part III)

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Following the two previous parts about the Saturn Pluto conjunction in this third part of the study we will try to make some predictions about the political events that could come forward under the influence of the Saturn Pluto square in the months to come.

September 2nd to September 6, 2009 a T-Square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto and a grand cross between Mercury, Mars, Pluto and Uranus. Mars could work like a trigger for some sudden event (2017 note: September 2nd forme PM Kostas Karamanlis declared elections, pressured by the EU for taking economic measures for the countrie's debt)

November 2nd, 2009, the Moon makes a Grand Square out of the Saturn Pluto Uranus T-Square but at the same time a Mars Jupiter opposition becomes a T-Square with the intervention of Sun and Mercury. Another day where everyone will be ready to pick a fight. (2017 note: November 11th the infamous Eurogroup summit takes place where EU members turn to Greece with the infamous phrase "the game is over" referring to the inaccurate data the Greek governments were giving to the EU during the past years).

December 16, 2009, the Sun closing in to a conjunction to Pluto, forms a T-Square with Saturn and Uranus. At the same time Mars is in opposition to Jupiter. Remember this is about the time when Turkey will be evaluated as a valid delegate member of the EU.

December 25, 2009, Sun is now in exact conjunction to Pluto and Venus still at the top of the T-Square with Saturn and Uranus. Mars is still in opposition to Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. (2017 Note: December 2009, the former Finance Minister of Greece confesses that the Greek government expects bankruptcy)

A difficult time therefore stars after October this year, full of events. The past gives us an idea what to expect, but sometimes what we see is so pessimistic we prefer to close our eyes and carry on with our lives. In any case this astrological study had the aim to prove that the clash of interests as well as the antagonism of interests with states or terrorism to states is a continuous source of events which appear in the world during various periods and bring about violent changes to the status quo, including political or financial shock.


Further Events Charts related to Saturn Pluto for your own study

1. Invasion in Lebanon

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2. Falkland War

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3. 1956 Uprise in Hungary

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4. Mahatma Ghandi Assasination

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5. Japanese Invasion in Manjuria

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6. 2nd Spanish Republic

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7. Communist Revolution in China

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