Saturn and Pluto and the wars of interests ( Part II )

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Saturn and Pluto and the wars of interests ( Part II ) Empty Saturn and Pluto and the wars of interests ( Part II )

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Further examples to link the start of war conflict to a Saturn / Pluto aspect can be found as well. The Saturn - Pluto aspect is not always tight enough to justify a direct link to a struggle between state and terrorism or state and international capital. But there is always an underlying pattern of attempting to change things using violence.

In the Greek environment the aspects between Saturn and Pluto seem to manifest more as political crisis and collapses of government via the implication of financial or political interests. Such examples are:

  • a) The chart of the Asia Minor Disaster. Not many remember that a navy coup had happened only two days before the big fire in Smyrna, which is partly to blame, for not having Greek ships in Smyrna to evacuate the refugees
  • b) The military coup in Cyprus, in 1974. This brought about the invasion by the Turks a few days later.
  • c) The defection of Konstantinos Mitsotakis from the United Centre Party Government of George Papandreou in 1965. This for most current Greek historians was the beginning of the events which finally led to the military junta in 1967.
  • d) As a turn of the Wheel of Karma the fall of Konstantinos Mitsotakis government in 1993, which was directly linked to alleged corruption of the government and illicit dealing with Siemens Company.

Could we be expecting something similar in October with square Saturn - Pluto? Let's see the charts in detail before proceeding. Let's take a look at these events however, before we enter into further conclusions.

(Note: the article was written back September 2009 and in October the Karamanlis government lost the election by Socialists. Two years later we found out the prime minister Papandreou had already conducted secret meetings with IMF leader Mr Stross Kahn. Everybody knew Greece was heading towards IMF, but the greeks themselves)

Saturn and Pluto and the wars of interests ( Part II ) Asia_m10

The chart of Asia Minor Disaster has a big triangle with Venus (international relations) in Scorpio in trine to both Pluto and Uranus. This could be interpreted as illicit arrangements between powers of interests and revisionist powers. Indeed in Asia Minor the foreign powers didn't even bother collecting the refugees from the sea waters. Saturn in square to Pluto indicates the national state struggling against powers, which want it to submit. This is not only the way someone from Greece would see this event. Nationalism in Turkey also considered Greek invasion at that time as a threat from international capital powers, which in their view used Greece as a lever to achieve their goals, to annihilate Turkey.

A few days later, on October 9, when Mars opposes to Pluto and makes a T-Square with Saturn and Pluto, the crowd is protesting in Athens and requires the execution of traitors. In Turkey the same aspect is expressed as state violence (Mars in Capricorn) towards the refugees (Pluto = death in Cancer = Moon = people). As we can see the aspects are not expressed in all countries the same way, but depending on the local situation they are expressed differently.

Saturn and Pluto and the wars of interests ( Part II ) Coup_i10

The chart of the coup in Cyprus in 1974 that led to the invasion by the Turks also shows a square of Saturn to Pluto. Only this time Saturn is in a weak state (in Cancer). The aspect is separating with a relatively wide orbit so one could consider this not being the cause of the event. Instead it would seem more likely to turn to the square of Sun and Uranus. However, although this the Sun Uranus square is most likely related to indicating the day of the coup, it is the Saturn Pluto square that shows the several months of conflict between the government of Cyprus and EOKA B (a paramilitary organization, which persecuted Turkish Cypriots and wanted unification with Greece), which created the situation and the excuse for the invasion. The combination of the slow transit of Saturn to Pluto which created the pattern and the Sun Uranus square which acted as a trigger brought about the event.

Saturn and Pluto and the wars of interests ( Part II ) 1965_p10

A similar analysis is possible for the day for the parliamentary coup back on July 15, 1965, (which is considered to have opened the way for the military junta two years later). With Saturn in opposition to Uranus and Pluto and Jupiter forming a T-square to those two, this led to a great conflict giving substantial magnitude to the events. The trigger for the events this time is not a Sun/Uranus aspect but a big trine of a weak Sun in Cancer in trine to Saturn and Neptune, a triangle very convenient for the establishment (indeed they saw this as a restoration to order)

Saturn and Pluto and the wars of interests ( Part II ) 1993_g10

But also in smaller scale events such as the fall of the Mitsotakis government in 1993 we have the predisposition of the conflict of interests. This time it was a huge contract assigned to Siemens for digital telecommunications. A Saturn Pluto square again and again once Saturn is separating from the aspect, Pluto gets his chance. And the Mars Uranus square provides the necessary trigger; a sudden and violent break of negotiations (Mars in Libra).

So, after all this study what do we make of Saturn Pluto aspects; It is an aspect to be seen ahead three times from October 2009 to August 2010. What will it do? Will it drop governments? Will it signify a military intervention for matters of oil or terrorism; Will it start an attack to a sovereign state? Will it start a new world war?

We will see more clues in the next part of this article...
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