Saturn and Pluto and the Wars of Interests (Part I)

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Saturn and Pluto and the Wars of Interests (Part I) Empty Saturn and Pluto and the Wars of Interests (Part I)

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August 1914, September 1939, February and May 1948, October 1956, April and June 1982, September 2001. What do these dates have in common in the history of the 20th century? Significant events in the history of mankind as the start of the first (August 1914) and second (September 1939) World War, international crises impact on the world scene as the war independence of Israel and the Arab-Israeli wars (May 1948, October 1956 invasion of Lebanon in June 1982), coups in Eastern Bloc (communist coup in Czechoslovakia in February 1948 and intervention in Hungary in October 1956), regional conflicts such as War of the Falklands in April 1982 all share a common denominator. The effort to overthrow the established political order by forces based on force of arms, or at least non-legal means.

The list lengthens and continues with more events in Greek history known as the Asia Minor disaster in September 1922, the coup in Cyprus in July 1974, the rebellion in July 1965 or the fall of the Mitsotakis government in September 1993. And of course we left the last major event of the 21st century till today, September 11.

What do these events have in common from an astrological point of view, so you can see them here all together on the same page? The factor that links them in our view is the background of the contradiction to (or support of) interests which are indicated by the aspects between Saturn and Pluto. The chart of the First World War we see that Saturn and Pluto;s conjunction becomes progressively narrower. Here we have a case where states marched hand in hand with the economic interests and actually sought and supported the war.

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The chart of the Second World War on the other hand comes despite the will of the States (square), since there are revisionist forces in Europe pressing for change.

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But most the striking example is the Anglo-French intervention in Suez in 1956. The square is separating, as Nasser representing the national government (Saturn) is already attacking Multinational Capital (Pluto) by taking the canal. Once Saturn shows the will to leave the aspect Pluto feels free to respond and counterattacks (this is an indication that Saturn aspects some times stop things from happening instead of making them happening; instead they happen when Saturn leaves the grip or in this case the defence on or against the other planet)

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In all the above charts and in others to see in the Appendix of the article the strike is usually indicated by some aspect of Mars or Uranus. The background however is always related to rule of the conflict or cooperation of interest. Traditionally Saturn is the planet of the state. State entity that has certain boundaries and given legal status. It has a government with structure which supports and carries out its function. A national economy based on mass production (which we call traditional capitalism).

Pluto on the other hand is a more recently discovered planet and is associated with what we call international capital. Oil companies, for example, companies which control resources generally is one of the themes of the power that comes through them. With Pluto in Capricorn the international funds and the international banks have a tendency to get into crisis, i.e. the competition for the pipelines is maximizing and the international companies are generally attacking what's called the nation-state.

Pluto, however, apart from the international interests is most clearly associated with international terrorism. Because we might have associated terrorism and overthrow with the Left and Uranus in the 70s or Neptune to mass ideologies, today’s Islamic terrorism is more related to Pluto. Underground, ruthless emotionally, if we consider the emotional state of the bombers, affecting mainly the civilian population in the context of total war, terrorism today is purely plutonic and attacking the state.

The most glaring example of this conflict is the chart of September 11th; a chart where a big triangle in the air dominates, signifying a global media event, or global plan. The big triangles are not always so good in such cases, because they might suggest long-term plans behind the action of squares in the chart (an example is like the chart of the beginning of the Second World War). They also make it easy for the plans to proceed, whereas a Saturn or a Uranus square would either slow things down and put obstacles in the way or cause a reaction from people and cancel the plans.

In the September 11th chart Saturn again has just left the opposition with Pluto. As with the Suez crisis this is also an event happening when Saturn leaves the aspect. So, this is also a case where Plutonic forces initiate action once they feel they escaped the monitoring eye of the state.

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