Will anything happen in 2012?

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Will anything happen in 2012? Empty Will anything happen in 2012?

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Image hosted by servimg.comDecember 21, 2012. They say the world will end. What do you say? Is it possible? Beyond any person's arguments, i'd like to see the astrological chart of the day. Is there something that might happen, we should be prepared for?

The truth is that looking at the chart of the day there seems to be nothing too significant. For Greece and time 00:00 we have a quite ordinary chart who does have some aspects to consider. The Moon has left Uranus, but is applying to Pluto, which means that some issues might have started the previous day.

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In fact, if we take the chart of 21/12 and place it all over the world we see somewhere in Japan the Moon conjuncting Uranus right on the axes.

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What have we here? More or less the planetary picture:

- Sun/Pluto = Moon = Uranus

Interesting? What do you think?

What's the interpretation for this picture?

- SO/PL=UR Sudden change in the mode of life or diet

- SO/PL=MO The glandular action. The circulation. The influence of the daily habits on physical development. The physical development of females (of a female).

The 2nd interpretation is not very obvious but if instead of the woman, we place the people, then this becomes more. People not being able to wait for the end of the world, maybe? Or sitting all night waiting for something to happen? Or maybe something else?

In fact these aspects begin earlier than 21/12. The start is in the previous day and things are evolving for many days, as the Sun proceeds on its orbit.

On December 20 at 14:00 the Moon is making its first square to the Sun from the sign of Pisces. Waiting starts. At 17:00 it enters Aries and people start getting irritated. The Sun enters into orbit of the 1st planetary picture we saw above.

At 01:00 at night the Moon is conjunction Uranus and is maximizing the effect. Revolution? Physical disaster? People on the road? Remember. Uranus/Pluto/Sun. If you put down the equation in Japan, does it ring a bell? Something sudden? Unexpected?

Let's see what Astrocartography has to say for the chart on 1:00 midnight. All over the world. Where does Uranus and Pluto effect most; On the axes; For easier reading we split the chart in two parts. Here are some observations:

- Moon / Uranus on IC in South Pacific. And Alaska? Someone losing his home? Sea is upset?

- Moon/Uranus on Ascendant and Pluto/Sun on Midheaven in the Mexican Gulf and Brazi. Some kind of turmoil? Revolution?

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Europe and North America are not yet alert; they watch on television (Neptune/Chiron lines) some possible disasters. Greece seems untouched. Egypt, Turkey, Russia have Moon/Uranus on Midheaven. Revolution?

- And of course Japan. Moon/Uranus in 7th and Sun/Pluto on IC. Some kind of betrayal? Earthquake? Think... Japan, Sun/Pluto, Uranus, Midpoints, Fukuzima, Sun=Heart=Reactor.

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Of course the situation does not stay there. As the Moon proceeds there is conjunction to Pluto (mourning?). The next day the Moon is away, but the Sun/Pluto=Uranus picture is still active. Life has changed. Something has changed. As we proceed into Capricorn's 0 degree something has changed globally (0 Capricorn also a critical degree).

December 22, 22:00 the Moon squares Mars. Sign positions hint to a war action. Or the world waiting from the army to do something. Place some order in the chaos?

Since Moon December 25th the Sun is entering the orbit of a square to Uranus. Change of Leadership? Fall of government? The square lasts to December 27.

On 28th a Full Moon in Cancer with Sun/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The Moon has crossed a square to Uranus. Another turmoil. Loss of property, loss of life, Imposition.

New Years' eve and we have a Sun/Pluto conjunction. Imposition. Repression. Transformation. But also an opposition of Moon/Mars.

As the Sun moves away from the aspects, Mercury enters in. Now here is the planetary picture:

- ME/PL=UR Surprising and sudden changes in thinking. Sudden new cognizance

But if we interpret it as a destruction, it's about sudden new news of information. Or some disrubption in the news feed. Or breaking news.

January 3rd Mercury is squaring Uranus and then creates with Sun and Pluto the following picture:

- SO/ME=PL Thinking that is capable of development. Changeable thinking (flexible). The influence of the external motion on the internal development, the growth an the circulation.

January 4th the Moon is opposing Uranus. At 5 square to Mercury, Pluto and Sun. January 6 a Mercury/Pluto conjunction. Talking is over. People are thinking from inside. At 8 Venus enters the game and repeats the aspects. Mercury is aspecting Sun/Pluto Midpoint. Secrets and secret tension. Want to speak, but can't.

- SO/PL=ME The exercising body. To be in motion. The physical development speeds up through exercise. Increased agility of the body through exercise. The condition of the nerves.

Situation goes on for long like that. January 10, the Moon back in the game. Now here are the next planetary pictures:

- VE/PL=UR Sudden start of a harmonious development.

- MO/PL=UR eventful and fluctuating hours. Sudden changes in relation to others.

Change of power, break and create new alliacnes, world on the move. During the day a square to Uranus and then conjunction to Pluto. Rebellions and talk under the table. People rising up, but could also be the sea. Midpoints activated are numerous. Whatever that means. For good or for bad.

Can one make a concrete conclusion? Might be yes, or might be no. Whatever that means, we are not alone. During all crisis, the Jupiter/Uranus trine from the air signs is there; like a guardian angel. Many people will volunteer into rescue attempts. Many will show what humanity means. Science will do its best to cope with the situation. Resources will be implemented almost instantly. Against authoritarian policies many intellectual people we stand, as well as leaders. With courage and not thinking of themselves. Personal value of anyone will be there. Evident.

So, let's get prepared for all that, because we will also be there. Before December 21, but also after. And what ever happes will be for all of use. And will make us unite more.

Initial post in Greek language in the following link

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