[Vedic Astrology] - Moon, the Goddess of the Zodiac

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[Vedic Astrology] - Moon, the Goddess of the Zodiac

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Vedic Astrology: The Moon,
the Goddess of the Zodiac

The Moon, as it has scientifically been proven, is contributing to the creation of life on the planet in a way that a mother would take care of its kids. Its absence from the sky would mean that earth is at the mercy of huge tidal waves, which would have decreased substantially the available ground for settlement. Moreover, the earth’s orbit would have been destabilized, since the Moon is acting as an orbit stabilizer, and least but not last climate change could probably – as scientists speculate – not have allowed the flourishing of species.

The goddess associated to the Moon in Vedic astrology is Durga, the mother of all material creation and a representative of the female principle.

The Moon in Vedic astrology, as in Western, signifies the mind, in the deeper sense, that is the subconscious, whereas it connects directly to the Hiranya Garba, the causal ocean, which is nothing less than the cosmic life womb; its reflection of course is the liquid environment of the female womb, where our current birth comes from.

Therefore the Moon dominates all liquid bodies.

Mula trikona, the most promising sign, for the Moon is Cancer and it receives great strength in the fourth house, whereas its exaltation is in the 3rd degree of Taurus.

The Moon is also a deeply karmic planet, because it reveals the past of our genes, whereas solar energy is more orientated towards the present and the future. Thus, its energy identifies us more with thought forms of the past, whereas the passivity of its lowest vibration can lead us to a lack of the power of will.

If the Sun symbolizes our dynamic spiritual identity, the Moon is the passive mind, which reflects all objects of the past and the things it receives through our senses. It is also the warehouse of our impressions from past lives and the result of the collective karma for our current birth.

The first yoga principle is to achieve a stable Moon, a clear mind, which can reflect the light from the Sun perfectly. This means that all lunar material needs to stabilize in a non-conflicting situation.

Developing the solar model only, we stand the danger of creating people with a strong spiritual identity, but a lot of unsolved issues in matters of emotion and psychology (leading to overcompensation) and fanaticism and lack of tolerance to people with a different profile and principles.

The hatred of such personalities is usually focused on women, as genuine representatives of the female principle.

The Moon is the planet which makes us feel complete and happy, something which cannot be replaced by any kind of dynamic energy. As a result people with a tendency for aggression and a deeply wounded emotional ego, easily demonize all expressions of the female principle.

The Sun in kentra (4th, 7th, 10th) houses after the Moon activates the lunar energy and brings about the male/female spirit, that is a mind, which can see things from two points of view, female and male; furthermore this position strengthens the will power of the Sun upon the transparent mirror of the Moon.

The Moon belongs to the Devas (demigods) and it promotes principles apparently opposite to those of the Sun, but essentially complementary.

These are unconditional love, devotion, healing and the absence of the ego element.

The Moon does not put limits and does not recognize dogmas. It also renounces the strict solar hierarchy and, in contradiction to the Sun, contributes willingly to satisfy the needs of the weak, whereas it understands by nature, what are the weaknesses of the others.

In the Moon we find the principle of forgiveness and tolerance, whereas the religious model it suggests is deeply traditional, deeply based on intuition and has usually come through the faith and love of the mother, without the filter of cleric institutions and formal rituals.

On a more spiritual level the Moon represents the receptive ability of the Holy Graal. It collects physical, life and spiritual energy from the Sun and dispatches it in a form that can be used by any living organism.

The Moon is mostly strong on a Full Moon, when it expresses and reflects with all its potential the solar light but at the same time is as far from the Sun as possible; the different phases of the Moon showing the variety in the potential of the mind to absorb solar light.

When the Moon is at its peak, we have more chances to have a quality communication, because the human mind is more open; on the other hand, when the Moon is decreased, we have an introversion, that can be used by meditation.

A bigger Moon in a chart and in a respectively good sign shows the internal “pillow”, which allows the person to get over painful situations being stoic in its emotional nature; he/she becomes also very popular because it aura is not easily disturbed by external factors.

And it is because the Moon is easily influenced by external irritations, that music, mantras, white color, the sea and religious ritual easily transform and ease its vibration.

In case of a New Moon we have the dominance of the Sun over the Moon; thus the person usually does not have an appropriate emotional and intuitional depth. This leads to fears and little resistance to emotional hardships and at the same time the person feels better in a hierarchically structured society with strict rules and a clear framework.

In a female chart this coexistence of the lights could suggest health problems.

Lunar Yoga

The Moon, as the Lady of the heavens is usually much better off, when escorted by planets on either side.

Sunapa Yoga

Any planet in the 2nd house following the Moon gives us this yoga; except the Sun, Rahu and Ketu. The planet adds its color to the emotional background of the person and strengthens its intellectual strength and openness. Because it is the 2nd house it could also have a financial impact, especially in the case of Mars.

On the emotional level, this shows which elements the person uses to feel complete and incorporated. When for example this is Venus the person needs sensual pleasure and beauty to feel complete.

Anapa Yoga

Any planet in the 12th house from the Moon, stabilizes its energy and acts helpfully. Mars gives a dynamic potential to the person, which is ready to fight for his/her beliefs. Benefic planets add in material progress and prosperity. Psychically planets in the 12th house of the Moon manifest what the person attracts and where he/she seeks its justice. For example a Mars in the 12th house of the Moon shows the person is attracted to fighting and quarrelling, the exact nature of those depending on the exact Mars.

In case no planet escorts the Moon we have keman trutta yoga, where the person cannot use its potential, which literally stays unutilized. Fortunately, planets in kentra (4th, 7th, 10th) houses from the Moon partially fulfill this plan.

Gaja Kesari Yoga

It’s the famous and most desirable yoga from all, declaring love between the Moon and Jupiter and it is when Jupiter is in the 4th, 7th or 10th house from the Moon or when Jupiter is in the same sign as the Moon. This yoga however is not equal in all cases and needs careful evaluation, regarding house positions, power of the planets, quality of the signs, etc. but in general terms it promises a stable financial situation for the individual, whereas it increases his/her self confidence and his/her recognition from the others.

In only few ascendants however does Jupiter manifest purely benefic, whereas the Moon on the others side is only benefic for Scorpios (Lord of 9th), Pisces (Lord of 5th) and Aries (Lord of 4th) and for Cancers of course.

For Pisces for example Jupiter expresses the 1st and 10th house, so a Gaja Kesari with a large Moon in a good house gives for sure personal success in an extraordinary way.

Chandra Mangalam Yoga

A planetary relationship (mostly when Mars stares at the Moon) or the coexistence of Mars and the Moon in the same sign. This yoga is said to generally bring financial benefits, mainly if it is in a financial house (1st, 2nd or 11th). Usually, we have internal conflicts in the person and difficulties in his relationship to the mother. This yoga’s color and manifestation of course depends on the house it is situated in and its planetary power, dominance in houses, etc.

For Gemini ascendants any contact between Mars and the Moon brings financial benefits as Mars is the ruler of the 11th house and the Moon is the ruler of the 2nd and both are indications of wealth.

A point to make here is that Mars is staring at the 3rd, 7th and 9th house from the one it is situated in.

A very powerful planetary relationship is also the mutual reception between the planets, for example having the Moon in Aries and Mars in Cancer. This relationship (yoga) should again be evaluated for its nature, depending on other factors; results could nevertheless be also negative. A mutual reception for example between the Lords of the 6th and the 12th house could cause a financial disaster.

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