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Astrology - The horoscope of Self Realization Empty Astrology - The horoscope of Self Realization

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Introduction - Psychological points on a natal chart

Looking at the popularized astrological magazines, one may notice that predictions are mostly based on the twelve zodiac signs, whereas combinations of the Sun / Ascendant and the Sun /Moon positions sometimes complement the single Sun sign forecast.

In most cases the combinations go no further, and the efforts to create differentiated forecasts in magazines and newspapers are traditionally exhausted at this point (to be honest, some efforts have been made recently with predictions based on the position of Venus).

Another fact is that in most astrological publications we find no approaches to forecasts, which are based on what we call the psychological points in a birth chart. Even astrologers who try to approach astrology from a psychological point of view, make estimates based on the Sun sign chart and interpret the positions and aspects of planets displayed in the solar sign horoscope.

The reason for this is obvious. Predictions based on the psychological points (i.e. Ascendant, Midheaven, 5th house cusp, 10th or 4th house cusp) must be individualized, whereas the forecast based on the chart of the solar sign has no such problems and therefore is very suitable for general forecasts. However, we are intrigued to attempt to get over this problem and see if there is any room to get closer to an interpretation and forecast based on the psychological points of a birth chart.

In order to do so, a simplified idea would be to try to combine psychological points of the chart in pairs of two. Assuming for example that the edge of the 5th house on our chart is associated with the conscious effort of creativity in our lives (Hammaker), while the 4th house cusp is connected to issues that concern the subconscious (likewise), then an association between the 5th and 4th house cusps could be crucial in order to see how a person moves consciously in his life and in contradiction to issues he does not accept and pushes back to the subconscious.

Similarly important for analyzing the nature of the individual, but also more practical for the production of daily/monthly forecasts based on a psychological approach is the combination of the Ascendant and the Midheaven. One reason for this practicality is that it is more likely that a reader knows the sign of his Ascendant and Midheaven than the ones on his various house cusps.

Midheaven and Ascendant

The Midheaven and the Ascendant are two of the most important evolutionary points for the inner self on the natal chart. The Midheaven appears as an effect very early. It is the point of intrusion of the outside world through the filter of the family and that of the parents into the individuals’ inner self. It is the point of "how do I have to be in order to be accepted." It is the phenomenon of the little kid dreaming of becoming someone so perfect he gains full acceptance and respect from others. It is the Superego in the Freudian psychology or the Parent in Transactional Analysis.

At an early age the child has little opportunity to question the Midheaven. Thus the effect is catalytic. In other articles (Psychology and Astrology) we have explained how the Midheaven, combined with myths from the collective unconscious of the 12th house (i.e. fairy tales - and why not comics we could say today), can create a Persona of the child, a self whom the child needs to “play” in order to be accepted by adults.

Following the above, the psychological growth of the individual starts and develops during the first years of his life in permanent association to the Midheaven. Right after birth the person experiences the very first archetypical square, the square between the Ascendant and the Midheaven. It is the first indication that someone, who has arrived in this world, is not accepted as he is and must become someone else in order to succeed in it or to be accepted. This is the first alienation of the individuals’ inner self, the first attempt to become someone different than whom one actually is. The conflict is internal - as always in a square - but through its growth it will - in time – evolve into an open contrast.

Starting with the first square the person feels the need to react to this first face collision. This shifts his consciousness from the 1st house to the 2nd, where an image of what should be done to overcome the conflict is being created. In the 2nd house a conscious thesis is being shaped, a life thesis, as the Transactional Analysis calls it. This decision is made to assist the individual to be able to coexist harmoniously with the Midheaven demand; as symbolized by the archetypical triangle between the 2nd and the 10th house. And as such, this decision will follow the individual throughout the rest of his life. Besides that, another interesting dilemma appears at this point, the one between the "I am" life attitude symbolized by the Ascendant and the "I need to become" life attitude symbolized by the 2nd house.

By shifting the focus of consciousness to the 3rd house the person arrives to a new delicate position, to carefully test his life thesis against the demand of the Midheaven. He tests any differences at first with caution, avoiding open conflict (archetypical quincunx) but later on he tries to move his consciousness right against the Midheaven to a more clear opposition. This is now the 4th house and the contrast is now clear and what also becomes clear is what is permitted to be expressed by the Midheaven and what is not. It is at this point where the person learns about what can be displayed to the outside world and what needs to be hidden and kept in privacy (4th house).

Over the years the inner self of the person begins to appreciate the value of the position of the Sun and the significance of the 5th house in the construction of the Ego. The person starts separating himself from the Midheaven, but recognizes the fact that the achievement of his individual goals is not necessarily compatible with the expectations of his environmental, authority and parental factors and figures. Again, the confrontation is not direct (another archetypical quincunx) but this time the opposition is behind. So we know, we can do without approval even if we don't like it. Thus rises another important pair for examining from the psychological point of view; the combination of the Sun and the Midheaven picturing the dilemma between "I want" and "I must".

After the age of the 20 the person is influenced by the combination of these two positions; constantly trying to find a compromise between the Sun/5th house and the Midheaven.

Till now, alongside the conscious life, which develops between the 1st and the 5th house, the opposite houses also begin to grow as well, only on a more unconscious level. From the age of two the basic life thesis of the individual leads to repelling all of the things shaking the person and making him/her feel scared into the 8th house; this is the place of the injuries which led to the adoption of the basic life thesis in the first place. This house hides the secret desires as well, the things we wanted but never managed to get, the untouchable dream, the things we would like to have to feel complete, the animus.

With the activation of the 3rd house, the prospects of the 9th house appear as well and the child looks for teachers, people to identify with; personalities who encourage dreaming and planning of what will this little person become when he grows up.

With the shift of consciousness into the 4th house the person closes the first cycle of conscious and unconscious crystallization. The initial enforcement of the Midheaven has acted as a catalyst and has made the person feel required to adapt to situations in life. The 5th house is a fresh start and its complement house, the 11th, symbolizes the socialization of the person in his youth and the importance of acceptance by his friends.

At his late 20s the conscious shifts again to more practical matters. Professional consolidation, education, marriage and family require concentration and effort. With the shift of consciousness to the 6th house the person understands the concept of service and that in order to achieve the goals he set in the 2nd house, he needs to offer something of himself. The "I want" attitude of the 5th house is now differed and the "I must" seems to win again.

Once the person finds his way into professional life he slowly reaches the first Saturn return, where he receives the first limitations of ambition, the first questioning of the Midheaven demand based on hard evidence. Yes, the parents were not always right. Maybe their ideal "Me" was not as ideal as they thought, maybe they didn't know it all. Because of this crisis the inner self of the individual begins to change once more. Along with the limitations of the Midheaven’s demand the person also questions the feasibility of his life thesis (2nd house) and goes back to the initial feeling of "I am" (Ascendant).

He begins to display a "curiosity" towards the Ascendant. So far the Ascendant worked only unconsciously as it was not accepted by the Midheaven. Now the person makes an effort to answer the question "who am I finally?" This time the Ascendant emerges, not as an extension of an automatic behavior, as it was until now, but through the expression of a conscious request to know oneself. And because the "Who I am" is always defined better in relation to the “Other”, the Ascendant - 7th house begins to function.

At this point the person is now aware of the alienation suffered by his birth. He knows now that the "Self" is not identical to the "Person", the image imposed on him, in order to become the "perfect" man or woman (Rudhyar claims that even the name chosen for us by the parents, hides projections imposed on us). By adapting to the Midheaven demand, the person has managed to achieve longer survival all these years but he has not managed to be himself. After all these years the expression of "I am" comes out through the making of a conscious gesture towards the “Other”, so that through relation and reflection he comes to realize who he is.

This statement is made using the qualities of the Ascendant. The Ascendant is now seeking acceptance not by authority (Midheaven) but by the “Other” (7th House). The alienated person is no longer defined by "I must", but by the "Who Am I" request of the Ascendant towards the 7th house. The Self, declared through the Ascendant, unifies the personality, and in collaboration with the “I create” statement of the 5th House and the Sun create individuality for the person, in contrast to the 4th house/Midheaven confrontation which divided the person.

In everyday life this is indicated by a maturity of behavior, an acceptance of weaknesses, a greater tolerance towards the different and an acceptance of that part of ourselves that until now we did not want to hear about (i.e. a man accepts tears and a woman anger). The Rising Sign integrates personality and expresses mature behavior. At the same time a request is made to express this individuality outwards. Requesting acceptance of the Other is shifting the attention of consciousness to the axis of the 1st to 7th house.

To summarize the notion the maturation of consciousness can be described as a gradual shift from the 10th/4th axis, through the 5th/11th axis and finally onto the 1st/7th one.

Having gone through this process it would be interesting to examine whether the analysis of the horoscope and forecasts should take this evolution of personality into account.

Should we for example focus on a greater extent on the phase of development of a personality and make predictions based on the psychological "age" of a person seeking to find out about himself or about his future.

The request of the Ascendant

Talking about the Ascendant request, it would be interesting to examine, what is actually the thing we would like to say to the “Other” based on the sign of the Ascendant. This should be a result of the need of the 1st house to confirm its identity and furthermore it should be colored by the qualities of the sign. So, let's look at some examples:

• A person with an Aries Ascendant might feel self-realization comes from initiative and leadership.
• A person with a Taurus Ascendant may feel self-realization comes when enjoying wealth and possessions.
• A person with the Ascendant in Gemini may feel it comes when using his knowledge and ability to analyze issues.
• A person with the Ascendant in Cancer might feel it comes when he talks about emotional and family issues, when he praises old heirlooms or expresses what he feels.
• A person with the Ascendant in Leo may feel self-realization comes when cultivating behavior or physical beauty.
• A person with the Ascendant in Virgo may feel it comes when he finds errors, corrects situations and brings them back to order.
• A person with a Libra Ascendant when enjoying beauty treatments and is proud of them in front of others.
• A person with a Scorpio Ascendant when hearts are conquered and is tempted to display his magnetism or conquests.
• A person with a Sagittarius Ascendant when he recounts adventures and life experiences.
• A person with a Capricorn Ascendant through inner detachment and a critical position against others. If you see a person with a Capricorn Ascendant smiling, he is probably thinking of something wrong about someone else, something he would certainly never do.
• A person with an Aquarius Ascendant when showing diversity from mainstream manners in dressing or behavior.
• A person with Ascendant in Pisces may feel self-realization comes from altruism, which he however would also like to be proud of in front of others.

The above statements are only a sample of course. Everyone knows these are only some of the basic properties of the signs and much more could be added along with other possible behaviors.

The conscious Midheaven

If the Ascendant symbolizes our need for self-realization how does the Midheaven evolve over time? Having internalized the criticism of the parent the Midheaven is the voice of consciousness within us, or what we call the voice of Conscience. This way its effect remains strong throughout our life and it continues to play an important role no matter how old we become.

But what kind of insight could the Midheaven allow us to have and how would this be helpful to our lives? Let's look at some examples of a Midheaven interpretation. If what we said about the Midheaven is correct...

• A person with a Midheaven in Aries would be aware that regardless of his own personal statement he will always be called upon to take responsibility or show leadership to others and in a way this will be his social responsibility.
• A person with a Midheaven in Taurus should be aware that regardless of his own personal identity he will always be called to manage issues of material possessions and in a way this will be his social responsibility.
• A person with a Midheaven in Gemini to manage the communication of others and be responsible for it in a social way.
• A person with a Midheaven in Cancer to support and encourage others emotionally.
• A person with a Midheaven in Leo to make decisions others don't seem to have the courage to make and in a way this will be his social responsibility.
• A person with a Midheaven in Virgo will always be called to corrects situations and make things right again.
• A person with a Midheaven in Libra, to be fair and impartial and make decisions that consider the correctness of the acts of others.
• A person with a Midheaven in Scorpio to protect others and to be ready to fight for what they deserve.
• A person with a Midheaven in Sagittarius will be called to teach others and open their horizons.
• A person with a Midheaven in Capricorn to manage things from responsible positions and be faithful to duty.
• A person with a Midheaven in Aquarius to take into account the collective interests and to promote equality for all.
• A person with a Midheaven in Pisces to sacrifice his personal interest to save others.

To summarize one could say that the position of the Midheaven goes back to expressing an almost transcendental consciousness. Some might call it the Higher Self or the Higher Consciousness. Some could call it objective reality in contrast to the subjective reality of the Ascendant. In any case if one could manage to get to the point of incorporating this position, this could only have become possible, after he has managed to overcome his initial alienation to himself and after he has unified the inner self through the 1st/7th house axis.

Summary - For a different astrology

Although highly important, the Ascendant and the Midheaven have received very little attention in forecasts so far and - as a pair of "I am" against "I must" - they have practically been ignored.

This could be perhaps because of the depth of the meaning of the psychological points on the chart, which require a greater job done towards finding ourselves; or perhaps because the general public operates as a reader not so consciously. If readers of the forecasts have never managed to use these focal points of consciousness in their charts, then the importance of them in their lives will probably be limited anyway.

In any case this study is an alternative approach which could enrich perspectives of astrological forecasting. And not only could it enrich them, but it could also educate the public in looking at life from a different point of view. We should make more efforts in the future towards this direction, so as to create a situation where these matters are thoroughly examined and expressions become richer and clearer.

Note: This article is protected by Copyright law. No reproduction, of any kind, total or partial, is allowed unless given permission by the author.

PS: The above has been published in english in the 1st issue of NewAgeAstrology Magazine.. See further for a preview...

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