Neptune and Astrology "The archetype of the truth"

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Neptune and Astrology "The archetype of the truth"

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by Socrates Papageorgiou, Founder and Administrator of

The debate on what the Ruler of astrology is, has raised intense debates and several conflicting and strong views. The opinion that Uranus is the Ruler of astrology is something that has almost been established as true, at least for most astrology students. However, if astrology had Rulers, it would most likely have a Universal Planetary Government, with Neptune as an undisputed leader and members/executives all the other planets, each with its own important key role. But how clear is the distinctive contribution of Neptune in the art of astrology?

Astrology relates the planets with archetypes, in a symbolic language, which views the objective world in the light of conceptual symbolism. The archetypes, as crystallized psychological and intellectual standards of conduct are the foundation of many events for people, and are recorded as information in our genetic material, etched in the collective unconscious, which includes the spiritual heritage of mankind's evolution.

The main language of the unconscious is symbolic. It is similar to the language of dreams; some of them may be predictive or reflect our psychology in a given period, through a symbolic form. As it is known, Neptune can manage the abstract and subtle meanings of symbols better than any other planet and of course it is widely accepted as the connection with the unconscious.

The ultimate goal of Neptune is to dissolve the boundaries between 'normal' life and other realms of existence. It rules everything that is atmospherically powerful but physically invisible, intangible and indistinct. It represents the spiritual perception, abstract thinking, and mental receptivity and is able to offer a transcendent experience. Through Neptune a kind of universal understanding can be achieved. The highly developed Neptune people have the ability to act as a conduit for spiritual inspiration and higher consciousness which can be elevated above the materialistic reality and live beyond their dreams.

Marching in this sense we could say that Neptune is the key that has the ability to "unlock" the power of our unconscious and utilize the art of astrology both as a source for healing and personalization growth as individuals in context of higher consciousness, thereby restoring the health of the human soul and as a tool to breaking the confines of the present, managing to obtain pre-knowledge of the future, through a resulting agreement about archetype meanings.

Astrology is a tool to open a window to the future, and Neptune is the "key" of the human ability that allows us to translate the otherwise abstract stimuli we receive from it. Thus we get to the pre-knowledge and knowledge of a holistic vision of the universe where all phenomena are embedded in a deep interconnected grid. We can investigate vital information to check the root causes of our actions and instead of suffering any bad effects on our lives, we are able to derive the appropriate stimuli to create a potentially better future, both personally and collectively.

In this spiritual path we might talk about the process of Awakening as a property of Uranus, which upsets traditions and "as usual", we are awaken from the entrenched beliefs of the social status and the myriad "must". But even this awakening, can-and should-lead initially to a relative isolation with a hidden purpose to understand and reconstruct the chaos into a universality; trying to correlate a seemingly chaotic sequence of everyday events and the strange emotional reactions of our own nature, with important models of cosmic harmony and circular order and this is where Neptune comes again as a catalytic step in this spiritual path. It is no coincidence that most astrologers spend most of their time working in relative isolation, with rather anti-social attitudes, at least in this kind of Western civilization.

It is these features that indicate a higher kind of consciousness, clearly deriving from the positive and highest use of the functionality of Neptune in the human dimension. Neptune can boost our service to mankind, for the general good of the collective level. Moreover, astrology would be considered a social service and as such would be performed. As a result, the astrologer would have the status of a public servant; but before he comes to advise people he must first learn to operate the principles of the seven traditional planets correctly, to try to "work" with Neptune with prudence, instead of letting Neptune lure him and lead him to turn that lure towards the world.

It's more than obvious now and undeniably disappointing that some kind of astrology and with it some specific astrologers tend to exhibit many of the negative characteristics of Neptune, as unclear thinking, deceptive tactics and sophisticated speech that has been designed to mislead and deceive, to confuse even excite the credulous or not suspicious, and leaves a bitter taste in the public, which views astrologers as mavericks and liars.

As we know, traditional planets are more connected with individuality, whereas planets beyond Saturn operate in a broader social context, so in the light of that objective situation, to have someone able to understand and properly handle concepts more abstract and universal, he should first be comprehensive and structured at an individual level, through the proper expression of the traditional planets. So if we want to elevate astrology to a "weapon" - not to kill but to protect – one should think of it as the practice of the most ancient philosophy of humanity and maintain a sense of compassion and universality of life, otherwise once gun will go off, with disastrous results, and when one least expects it ...

"The archetypical ideas are with defined forms, non changing causes of things, in themselves shapeless, eternal and of similar behavior, which are contained in divine understanding. Although they can’t be lost, everything that can be created and lost is formed according to their model. The soul cannot distinguish them, unless it is the rational soul"


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